welcome adventurers

Here in Central Washington, experiencing the outdoors is in our nature. Whether you come to summit the slopes of Snoqualmie Pass, soak up the beauty of Lake Easton State Park, hike high above Roslyn, play in Cle Elum Lake, bike through the historic streets of downtown Ellensburg, or enjoy a scenic drive on the Kittitas Highway, we welcome adventurers of all kinds.

Locals and visitors share a love of exploration and a wanderlust that calls them to the mountains, lakes, and trails all around our scenic area. We invite you to visit and grow a passion for the wilderness with us; all we ask is that you do your part to care for our natural spaces during your time in them. We are happy to help you inspire your appreciation for the wilderness, learn how to navigate it safely, improve your on-trail experience, and lessen your impact on the places you love.

Below, find our tips on how to protect Central Washington and take our Plan to Play Pact to keep our area enjoyable for adventurers of the present and future.


Central Washington offers a wealth of natural beauty and outdoor experiences, and we encourage you to have an amazing time while showing our lands and people plenty of love, kindness, and respect. Please join us in taking this pact to be mindful and respectful of the extraordinary landscape of Central Washington. Be a part of the change and join the movement by taking the pact and following our guidelines for responsible recreation.

Plan to Play Year-Round

Adventure abounds in Central Washington, and our four-season climate only enhances the opportunity to spend time outdoors. As the seasons change, however, so do our practices to stay safe outdoors and to protect the places we play! Plan to explore Central Washington safely and responsibly by discovering recreation tips that pertain to the season you will be joining us below.


Escape to Central Washington to enjoy all of your favorite outdoor adventures through the seasons. Plan your play by adding these top activities to your itinerary, then learn how to recreate responsibly as you partake in them!





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