One of the easiest ways to protect our beloved trails and natural places is to leave those places untouched by your visit. The seven principles of Leave No Trace are:
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Plan Ahead & Prepare – Before you embark on your next adventure, be sure to spend time planning out each and every detail of your trip. Not only will this alleviate much of the stress when you arrive at your destination, but it will also ensure you are able to safely enjoy Central Washington. Adequate trip planning may include researching the best time to visit a specific location or what essentials you should pack.


Travel & Camp on Durable Surfaces – When exploring the outdoors, your goal should always be to enjoy nature while
avoiding damage to the land or waterways. Whether you’re hiking, biking, horseback
riding, snowmobiling, or enjoying local trails another way, always stay on the trail.
When selecting a campsite, consider how you can participate in low-impact
backcountry use.


Dispose of Waste Properly – The best rule of thumb when it comes to disposing waste during your outdoor excursions is to “Pack It In, Pack It Out.” If you brought it with you, it’s trash. Packing it all out will help keep our outdoor spaces clean and keep wildlife safe.


 Leave What You Find – Part of our job as responsible recreators is to ensure that the adventurers who follow in our footsteps get to enjoy the same experience we were given. Natural objects of beauty or interest add to the mood of the great outdoors and should be left so others can experience the same sense of discovery that you have enjoyed. Please leave what you find while exploring Central Washington.


Minimize Campfire Impacts– Campfires can cause lasting impacts on the backcountry, so it may be best to avoid having a campfire altogether, especially during high-risk times. Instead, use a lightweight stove for cooking and enjoy a candle lantern for light. If you must have a fire, lessen your impact as best you can.


Respect Wildlife – While viewing is encouraged, it is best to learn about wildlife through quiet observation. Keep your distance and never attempt to touch or feed wildlife. Respect Central Washington’s flora and fauna by keeping wildlife wild!


Be Considerate of Other Visitors – Everyone deserves to enjoy a positive outdoor experience. Excessive noise, uncontrolled pets, and damaged surroundings take away from the natural appeal of the outdoors. Be considerate of other visitors by sharing the trail, parking respectfully, and showing respect and kindness to both your fellow explorers and our natural lands.