With lush greenery and rugged, mountain trails, Central Washington offers a wonderful adventure to all equestrians. When you arrive in town, please keep these tips in mind while parking your horse trailer:
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  • Before you go, make sure you are familiar with the parking rules at your destination. This includes whether it has designated trailer parking or if there is a fee or time limit for parking there.
  • Towing vehicles and trailers should be parked correctly in the designated lot or trailer parking spaces at your destination, free from traffic and congestion.
  • Plan ahead with one to two backup plans in case your preferred trailhead parking area is full.
  • ┬áPlease be courteous of other visitors and pick up manure.

What other drivers should do when parking near a horse trailer:

  • Leave 8 to 10 feet of clearance around horse trailers when parking your vehicle. Parking directly behind a trailer will prevent equestrians from putting their horses inside for the ride home. Parking too close to the sides of a trailer can also keep them from stowing their saddles and tack.
  • ┬áNever park your vehicle in areas marked for trailer use only.

All users should be considerate of the people they share the trails with. Do right by the equestrians and give them space, both on the trails and in the parking lots.

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