Central Washington provides a beautiful display of scenery and a handful of outdoor activities in each of the four seasons. To help us minimize the crowds and traffic to our small towns, we ask you to consider planning an off-season trip.

While summer is a wonderful time to experience our hiking trails and lakes, you will surely love the chance to admire our fall foliage, play in the snow, or see the wildflowers in bloom! Here are a few reasons responsible adventurers explore Central Washington in the off-season:

  • An off-season visit helps reduce the impact of large crowds parking in our smaller communities or causing congestion downtown.
  • Extreme heat can often put a damper on your trip. Take advantage of the more comfortable weather that the spring and fall seasons have to offer instead!
  • With fewer crowds, you can enjoy a more intimate experience at some of Central Washington’s top attractions.
  • You left the hustle and bustle of the city for a reason! Traveling during the off-season allows you to feel like a local and enjoy a more relaxed trip that’s true to the Central Washington lifestyle.

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