Endless miles of backcountry trails make Central Washington the perfect destination for an excursion on your ATV or snowmobile. While you’re out exploring, it’s important that riders abide by common trail etiquette and that other explorers know what to do when they meet one along the way. Here are a few tips:
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A motorized rider will always be expected to yield the right of way to non-motorized traffic, including bicyclists, equestrians, and hikers. Riders should safely pull over to the side of the trail and let their fellow adventurers pass before proceeding.

When encountering a horse, off-road vehicles should have their motors shut off as soon as possible. Riders may also remove their helmet to identify themselves as less of a threat. Equestrians should play a role in telling you what to do to help them pass by safely as well!

When you encounter other off-road vehicles on the trails, it is common to indicate how many riders are in your group. This will help avoid any collisions around tight corners or in high-traffic areas. For example, hold up three fingers to tell someone that they should expect to see three more vehicles behind you. The last person in the group might hold up a fist to indicate that they are the last rider passing from their group.

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